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If you’re an artist and you would simply like to see how your painting would look like in a real room, you might be surprised how easy is today to make it happen. If you think you need to sit in your car and start looking for a perfect location in the city, that luxury apartment with good light and a perfectly designed living room, you’re wrong. Today, you can hang your painting on any wall you can imagine and see how it looks like – in a virtual art room.

iStock_000011352730Small-300x300Nothing makes an artist happier than seeing others appreciating and understanding his/her art. Up until now, the best way of showing paintings was showing your work in art galleries where people meet, discuss and imagine. And by imagining, I mean they actually had to imagine how that painting they like would actually fit in their living room décor, or how it would look like in their bedroom. So, before buying any art, you needed to be very artistic yourself so you could assume that a particular piece of art would match your home. These days, reality is changing and we’re now going to talk about the easier way of understanding and selling art – the virtual art rooms.

First of all, let’s see how virtual art rooms can help you sell your art. As we mentioned before, seeing the perfect painting in a real gallery is great but simply not persuasive enough. We’re sure that with all the commercials and marketing tips and tricks, you’ve become a bit of an expert for selling yourself.

So, what’s the most important thing these virtual art rooms offer? Let’s learn it by using a simple example. If someone wants to sell a million dollar bracelet, what does he do? Makes good pictures of it, of course, but the most important thing is: he hires a real, beautiful model to wear it. That way, all the ladies can see how they can actually look like when they’re wearing that bracelet.

In your case, it means that virtual art rooms give another perspective of your art to your customers. It’s the easiest way to show someone how your painting actually looks like in a living room, bedroom or wherever they would like to place it. Some people have a really hard time imagining things they never saw before, so even if they like your painting they can’t actually imagine how great it’s going to look like in their home.
Even though virtual art rooms will mainly help your customers buy your art, it also helps you, as an artist, to see all the features of your artwork. Before, you might have had another idea of what kind of home it fits the best. Now, virtual art rooms offer you easy software that gives lots of options. You can easily change all the settings in the room and make your art as visible and as precious as it deserves to be. You can really find a way to express yourself and your creative side.

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Virtual art rooms are the newest way of showing your art to the world. Galleries that you actually go to might be perfect for many reasons, but these virtual rooms have many more advantages. In the following text we’ll discuss about how they work and how they can make you sell your art more than ever.

What are the virtual art rooms?

Let’s start by discussing what a virtual art room actually is. Everybody knows that when you want to sell your paintings, you make an exhibition in a gallery. You invite people, they come and look at your paintings on the gallery walls. Although it gives them opportunity to see your art live, it doesn’t show them how it will look like in their home. You would be surprised by how many people have troubles imagining things that aren’t actually in front of their eyes. So, the gallery is fine, but seeing the painting in a living room would be better. That’s where the idea of virtual art room was born.

The virtual art room is a smart software solution that offers pictures of different rooms you can place your paintings in. It gives everyone the opportunity to see how art looks like in a room that is exactly the same as theirs or that’s at least very similar.

How can I place a painting in these virtual art rooms?

art-room-test-render-3Placing your artwork in these virtual art rooms is very easy. Whether you’re the artist and you want to see how your painting would look like in a room or you’re planning on buying one, you’ll find this very helpful. From the comfort of your home, you can search for websites that offer these rooms. You choose the one you like and then follow the instructions.
These virtual art room websites always offer easy tutorials and you can set things up in a few simple steps. You need to think about what kind of décor would make your painting really pop and make it shine. Artwork is precious, so no rush. Examine well all the options and see what works the best for you. You will be asked to choose the colors, the kinds of furniture you have in your room, the height of the wall you want to hang your painting on…There are lots of options so, at the end, it truly looks real.

How can virtual art rooms make me sell my paintings better than real galleries?

As mentioned before, some people simply can’t imagine how would the painting they’re looking at in the gallery look like in their room. Virtual art rooms are giving them exactly what they need to see – the décor and all the dimensions set to the actual ones. So for you as an artist, it means that you can easily show them why that painting is right for their home.

Know that it’s always easier to want something when you can actually see it. It is different you can really feel how it will be in the real world.
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Virtual room – Know what your room will look like before you set it up

Virtual room – Know what your room will look like before you set it up

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The great thing about humanity is that we’re always seeking for ways to better ourselves and better the tools we use in everyday life. The key to moving forward is overcoming the obstacles one by one, creating something which will help us understand or do something else a lot easier.

virtual-furniture-300x170When you’re buying a house, or building one from scratch for yourself, you always need to plan what the rooms will look like and how they will be decorated. The problem with planning is that you can’t actually see all of the things combined, and it’s really hard to imagine everything at ones and understand what it will look like. To overcome this problem and make things a lot easier, people have creating a virtual room application in which you can do anything from choosing the type of a room to kids decorations.

This tool is a lot more useful than you think. Since there is a limited amount of money in most people’s budget, not everyone can go shop for something and if they don’t like it, just throw it away. People need security and certainty and this is exactly what this application provides.

If you use this program to plan the interior design of your room or even your whole house, you will definitely save a lot of time and energy while browsing all the things online, rather than visiting numerous shops in real life.

So let us guide you step by step how this process works and how easy and fun it actually is.

mapes living room plan 3 copyFirst what you will have to do is visit the I-style website on which you will have to create an account. The account creation is a really easy step and it only takes a minute to do, so don’t let this bather you. Once you’ve made your account, you can log in and save your decorations and view them some other time, so in a sense, it’s useful to have your own account rather than starting from scratch every time.

The style of your room will certainly not be a problem since you can choose any type of room and any square footage that will resemble yours the most. Always choose the same type of room as the one you intend to decorate so you’ll get the best representation of what it might look like. The color is the next step and its very important, the color gives a big impression on rooms visitors so choose wisely, if you’re a fan of wallpapers you will be able to find them there too. Once you’re done with the room it’s time to start decorating it.

For example if you’re trying to make a bedroom, always start with the bed. There are a lot of types of objects from which you can choose from, so be sure to browse it all and find the one that suits you the most. Like bed, there are all kinds of objects you can find, from pillows and lamps to chairs and paintings. You can change the color, shape and size of every object and rotate them in a way that suits you most.

All in all, you have the freedom to do anything you want with the room, and once you’re done, if you like it, implement it in real life, if not, simply delete your project.

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