Are you moving into your own home? Do you have the list of essentials needed for a functioning household? If not, you are in the right space, we have a quick list of must-haves that every home cannot function without.

Here goes…

The living room

Having comfortable furniture like sofas, easy chairs is basic. You can spruce up with attractive coffee tables, floor lamps, matching rugs and curtains or blinds. If you are a TV enthusiast then ensure that you have a cabinet with some storage and place to keep your set-top boxes and at the same time hide the cables.

The Kitchen

The heart of the family, your kitchen must be well equipped and easy to use. There are umpteen gadgets and gizmos on the market that claim to make cooking a pleasure and less strenuous. While you can slowly add the fancier ones your list of equipment, to begin with, you must have a gas stove with a hood, a food processor, oven, and cutlery. Bottle and can openers, measuring cups and spoons and tongs are next on the list. Your kitchen must have a pantry and well-ventilated cabinets, if not, then that must be your first investment.

Rest of the house

A few other essentials are a vacuum cleaner and afire extinguisher. Besides these, you must have the quintessential cleaning products, bathroom mats, laundry baskets, hangers, ironing board, and iron. Don’t forget a well-equipped toolkit can be a savior in times of trouble.

This is a very basic list of things one needs to set up a new home; you can add based on your needs and affordability. But whatever you do always invest in top quality home products because they not only last longer but are safer and more efficient than other substandard products in the market.

A starter guide for home products