Your kitchen cannot be clean and healthy if they are prone to pests and rodents. Be it a residential or a commercial setting; there must be no room for any element that can directly or indirectly bring harm to your health. The commercial kitchens are more at a risk because of the size of the venue and the number of people who have access to the place. It is indeed scary to eat out if you do not have confidence in the cleanliness of the kitchen.

There are many Commercial kitchens health and safety best practices a restaurant can follow to ensure that the customers are not only happy and satisfied but safe and healthy as well.

  1. The first rule is safe handling. The rule for anyone who enters the kitchen is to wash hands thoroughly with a hand-wash.
  2. Nothing kills the appetite of the customer like finding hair in the food. It is a safety hazard as well. Ensure that anyone who is in the kitchen has his head covered.
  3. The food – fruits and vegetables – must be thoroughly washed. They could have been exposed to rodents while being transported to the restaurant. They ought to be washed before cooked.
  4. Pest solutions are a must in any commercial kitchen. A kitchen is a prime target for any creature looking for food. The smell serves as an invitation. While ventilation is very important to the kitchen, all openings must be protected from anything that is bound to carry germs and diseases.
  5. Do not wait for the health inspector to check the venue. Check the kitchen from a professional as well as that of a customer. If you will not want to eat the food, no one else will. Everything from the preparation of the food to the serving must be scrutinized.


Commercial Kitchens Health And Safety Best Practices