No matter what task you need to perform, none of us enjoy the process of sanding. And nothing can be worse than having the wrong tool for the task. It only worsens your experience of sanding. Now, while adding finishing touches, you might get confused whether to pick orbital sander or a random orbit sander. Both tools should not be confused to be the same because they are very different from each other and one should choose the tool depending on what he is planning to do. If you understand clearly the difference between the two then it will be easy for you to pick the right sander for your task.

Orbital sander comes with a square foot which allows it in getting in corners and also against the edges. Although it has a random pattern, for sanding the grain it still needs extra care. An orbital sander is very simple, old and cheaper in comparison to a random orbit sander. Even the best orbital sander according to this website is more affordable than the random orbit sander. While creating the sanding action, there will be rapid vibration in the sander’s foot in tiny orbits.

The most distinct feature of an orbital sander is its ability to reach the corners and edges. One is allowed to use regular sandpaper cut to fit instead of using a random orbit sanding disks. Orbital sanders cannot remove much of the material since they are not very aggressive. Very less cross grain marks are left in comparison to sanding across the grain by a belt sander or by hand.

Orbital sanders come quite handy in cases where a random orbit sander might not fit. Orbital sanders are good for preparing a surface for sealing or painting. Even for refinishing a wooden floor they are quite useful.

Comparison Between Orbital And Random Orbit Sanders