Does your home décor appear incomplete or needs a little bit of zing to it? The simplest way to add life to boring furniture is by adding a few cushions. Cushions thought actually meant for comfort and support also add to the aesthetic appeal of almost any corner of your home décor. It has found a place for itself on almost all furniture, including your living room, study, bedroom and much more.

Choosing the right cushion is an important decision, as they eventually decide how you house appears. One this that goes without saying is that one must never compromise on the quality of the cushions or cushion covers. Else they will appear as lumpy unclean or tattered cushions that will make the place look worse. Make sure you go to a reputed store for your cushion purchase; these are very high quality cushions and will add value to your furniture.

Look out for the following pointers to bear in mind before choosing cushions:

  • If your furniture has come with cushions that are matching, the best thing is to discard them. Look out for cushions in contrasting shades that lift up the value of the furniture rather than make them look old fashioned.
  • Choosing the colors for your cushions, you can opt for an array of colors that add contrast with style; you can get inspiration from many attractive articles in your home.
  • The number of cushions is also crucial. Generally it is preferable to have odd numbered cushions, or you could simply scatter them around to add that chic appeal to the furniture. However, one must avoid going beyond 6 cushions as it might appear messy. However, there are many who believe that there can never be too many cushions! So it is a personal choice.
  • The size of the cushions must be such that they do not make the furniture appear smaller, but they also must not be too small that they simply fail to make an impact.
Redo Your Home With Cushions