As all of us know there are a lot of different varieties of the regular coffee we consume and all these are an extension, an improvisation, an addition done to the basic flavor and aroma of the regular coffee we have at home as the first drink of the day. Generally, coffee grinders are used to grind the coffee beans and it is in this grinding process that we get the different tastes and flavors of coffee.

How do we grind the beans? There are different varieties of grinders for this purpose, one with blades and some others with a burr. The grinders with the blades are comparatively cheaper than the ones with burr but here the coffee beans are ground inconsistently. For finer particles, you will have to grind them for a long time hence delaying the process. Again this is fine if you are making or preparing coffee with an automatic coffee drip coffee maker.

For espresso coffee, this one with the blade would not help but the one that comes with a burr is the best for this flavor. The coffee beans are crushed and ground to fine particles and the grinding happens uniformly thereby extracting the maximum from the beans. These coffee grinders can either be electrical or hand ground ones and with both these the flavor is really exquisite. Both these work equally well except that the hand cranked one would take some time in doing its job to perfection. But even with this few people are comfortable and in fact, deliberately go for espresso that is prepared from hand cranked seeds for they get to enjoy the spreading and flowing aroma of the coffee beans being crushed slowly and this is a different flavor of joy to experience. The best thing with these hand ground ones is that they are portable and hence can be carried anywhere. You can get a great espresso machine here, online.

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