Photography has changed so much over the decades, it’s impossible to predict what the future is exactly. It has come a long way over the decades. From the old Polaroid cameras to the high-end digital cameras, that capture things as it is, photography has come way too forward.

Do you know the actual meaning of photography? Well, not many of us would know, spare a moment to know. Photography was a word derived from Greek, where the word photo means ‘light’. So, graph means something to draw, so collaborating it, drawing an image or picture with the use of light.

Well, that’s what most of our photo cameras do, a picture is recorded on a light-sensitive surface. Photographs are the most important resource these days, we need them everywhere and we make use of them everywhere. Starting from joining work, schools and colleges, photos are needed and we use them to upload on social media sites to show ourselves, our work, our deeds or our achievements.

It’s gaining the importance of an essential tool, without which life would become lifeless. With apps like Instagram, photography today is an unreplaceable part of our lives, where there is a new tag each day with a pic, be it your coffee time or your gala time.

Apart from personal use, photography in the commercial sector has also helped people find many things, like the real estate, business, advertisements, tourism sector to publish the reality of the place, and not as perceived.

Photography has boosted the improvements of any place far to the best. We get to know about places or people or any other thing by referring to the photo concerned to it. Technology has changed the fates of many old companies, by digitalising the photography sector. Digital photos are the best of all times, with great clarity and capturing the context as it is!


The Journey of Photography