The keys to my new apartment were handed over to me a couple of months back and although we are still making changes and adding new things to our home, I am quite glad about the latest changes I made to it. I realized very soon after the hand-over that my budget apartment needed a lot of light entering through windows because it was already smaller than my previous apartment. The only things that counted for were the location and the price at which I got the apartment. These are the changes that I made:

  1. Painted with a lighter shade

Although I was tempted to use a vibrant blue or a flaming red for the walls of my living room, I stuck to the basics and changed the colour from a lavender to a creamy white. The lavender looked beautiful on my walls but it certainly contributed to making my rooms look smaller and darker. As soon as the white came up, my rooms started looking brighter and way more beautiful.

  1. Lighter curtains and other furnishing

I can’t deny my affinity towards heavier and fancy curtains. We have grown in the countryside where homes would have fancy and decorative curtains all along. However, I realized very soon that the washing and the drying could be quite difficult alone. Hence, I decided to stick to lighter curtains and furnishings for the time being.

  1. Double-glazed my windows

Window double-glazing Edinburgh might sound expensive but I got a very decent pricing from a company and they gave me a quotation I could not refuse. Double-glazing instantly added more security and more sophistication to my home windows.

  1. Added greenery

When I entered my apartment for the first-time, it looked beautiful but empty. As we settled in, I added green plants to safe zones and there has been no looking back since then.

The Latest Changes I Made In New Apartment