We sleep almost one third of the day:

When we are awake, we are mostly aware of our posture. From the childhood we have been continuously told by our elders how we must stand and sit straight. We have forever been educated on the virtues and the science of having a good posture. Even the benefits of maintaining a good posture has never failed us.

But one thing that we fail to understand or rather we choose to ignore is the posture in which we sleep. Assuming that a person sleeps for an average eight hours in a day, that is almost equivalent to one third time spent not bothering too much about the posture that we maintain when we visit our dreamland!

A pillow is not just an accessory:

You may have come across people who are extremely finicky about the way their pillow looks and feels. They will have a long list of demands and they are often the salesman’s worst nightmare. But under the surface, you must appreciate the fact that such people are extremely clear what they want and they will not go too far to sacrifice their comfort to something that is really going to spoil their sleep posture.

Yes, nowadays, pillows are almost health issues and not just a piece of furnishing that needs to mandatorily be thrown on the bed to complete the look.

Addressing the problem:

It is important that you find out what kind of a sleep posture you maintain, it is possible that you sleep in different postures throughout the night but you will need to find out your most dominant posture. For example if you sleep only on your neck that you may need a neck and a back support pillow which is soft and at the same time not too high so that it is able to maintain a good posture too.

It always makes sense to not take sleep lightly:

Never undermine your health and have a lackadaisical attitude towards it. A good night’s sleep will guarantee how good your day will be!

The Reason Why You Must Know What Your Sleep Posture Is