Hi, I’m Charlie, a carpet cleaning expert in this field for more than 10 years now. I started my profession as a simple and basic level cleaner with my carpet cleaning agency and slowly learned the tricks and tips in doing this job perfectly. I feel it is the dedication and love I have for my job that has brought me to this level. Ok now going to the serious part of the discussion, carpets, as many of us think, is actually not that simple to clean or maintain. Maintenance of carpets is a special domain and one has to do this very dedicatedly to give and maintain the real beauty and charm.

Being in this profession for more than 10 years, I have understood that this fact has been misunderstood by many owners and for them, it is just like any other simple cleaning which is not so in reality. Carpets act as barricades for bacteria, germs, and dust from entering the house. They act as filters trying to stop all these from affecting the members of the house. So more than any corner of the house, it is probably these carpets that are the biggest stores of dust and dirt. This makes it even more important to clean them very often and that too a proper, intense cleaning.

If you ask me, I would definitely suggest for a professional cleaning every month for this would not only help in extending the life period of the carpet but would also protect it from damages. Carpets need that extra care which of course can be given by the owner but a professional is one who would be able to understand its special needs and hence a special and professional cleaning every month. So do not hesitate to call us for we are ever ready to meet your requirements to the best and maximum possible.

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